I wish politicians would act like responsible grown ups for once. I feel like I am watching yet another bad reality show and an another alliance is being formed to kick someone off the show. I don't expect the opposition to like the ruling party or to agree with them, but come on, joining forces with the NDP and requiring and seeking support from a separatist party? How can anyone think that this is healthy? Add to that the worldwide economic crisis and you have an unstable government during an unstable time. What does unstable*unstable = ?

I would like to see a point form list of what the Conservatives have done against the Canadian population, not against the other parties that require these drastic measures to remove them from power. Dion's reasons for a coalition from last night's speech:

  • they believe they can achieve more
  • there will be less conflict
  • they disagree with the Conservative's economy stimulus plans
  • Harper is at fault for the confusion in parliament and wants to "get to work now"
Of course a different party thinks they can do better. Of course there's confusion and conflict within a minority government. What the general population desires is that our elected representatives swallow their personal and party pride and do some work. And perhaps also acknowledge and respect the governing party so there is less confusion and conflict. And yes, the governing party should also have some humility and reconcile themselves to the fact that they are indeed a minority and must work with the opposition in order to get anything done.

I realize I'm speaking as a Conservative Western and my sentiments are not echoed everywhere, but I can say with confidence that most Canadians would like to see the quibbling cease and some level-headed governing begin.

We do not need drama for the sake of drama.