20 August 1970
Hey Faithful viewers.
So I was using my new framework for a friend's website and promptly and unwittingly started breaking the rules those which the framework was intended to help enforce. Particularily, the combination of business and display logic. But don't be alarmed, I have gone back and fixed my misuse of the framework.
In other news: In an attempt to possibly getting the Toronado running again without buying and AC compressor, I posted the question: "Can I run an altenator belt bypassing the AC?" on an Oldsmobile forum. Eveyone that responded seemed to think so. This weekend I will measure the length of the belt I would need without AC and see if it can run without any additional idlers or anything.
Here's to hoping.
Although I may have a lead on a truck, and in that case I would rather not keep the Toronado. I guess I could get something for it if it was running to help offset the truck purchase. If it's still available and we figure out how to get a hold of the guy.

Oh, and feel free to use the feedback to make personal attacks on other feedbackers.