Android Development
09 March 2012

I've been out of the Android development game for some time now. A little over a year, if I check the commit log on my projects. A friend's recent foray into this world encouraged me to look at refreshing my apps.

I have an app called WebsiteMonitor. The idea is that it polls a list of URLs and alerts you when any of them return a response code other than 200 (ok). This was inspired by my former job where I needed to make sure webservices were up and running at all times.

It had some serious limitations. First off, it was developed for Android 1.5. Second, it was using a widget to periodically poll, where the minimum refresh time is 1 hour, and doesn't alert you when your phone is sleeping. My current rating isn't the greatest, but what can you expect if I can't spend a lot of time on it, and it's pretty stale.

Well now the Android development landscape has changed significantly. The community appears to be way more active that it was a year ago with many more helpful tutorials and advice than there were when I first started. In pretty short order I was able to add quite a few features:

  • configurations
  • custom ringtone
  • enable notifications (persistent if you want)
  • a polling service so it runs while your phone is idle
  • less false negatives. This remains to be verified, but I think it's better

I haven't published it yet since I'm waiting for it to cook a while on my phone and a friend's. If it does ok over the next few days the plan is to put it up for download shortly. In the meantime, you can help test it or download the old version.