24 February 2012

It's such a great advantage to have your vehicle maintenance documented.

  1. It's very helpful when it comes to selling.
  2. Prevents over-extending periods between maintenance (forgetting the last time you did an oil change).

My problem is that either I don't have my notebook on hand when I do the maintenance, or I forget, and by the time I get around to it, I can't remember what the odometer was at.

This has inspired my latest pet project, lper100km.com, which allows you to not only keep track of maintenance, but track your fuel economy across multiple vehicles on a mobile device. It's currently designed specifically for mobile so it doesn't look great on a full browser. The site is pretty basic right now, but functional. Features are added as I have time to implement them.

Current features:

  1. Record fill ups and calculate fuel economy.
  2. Record maintenance
  3. Upload pictures of vehicles.

In no particular order, features under consideration are:

  1. Ability to use imperial values set as a user preference.
  2. Attach images to maintenance records.
  3. Multiple maintenance types per record. ie Oil and air filter in one entry.
  4. Plotting fuel economy, with markers for maintenance on the same graph.
  5. Print view of vehicle records.
  6. Full browser site.
  7. Better domain name?

Feel free to try it out and make suggestions.

J-othy @ February 27, 2012 08:49
I already use an app like this... love it. http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/road-trip-mpg-mileage-fuel/id298398207?mt=8 Don't think it supports image attachments for maintenance though. If you continue development, what about alerts when scheduled maintenance is due based on selected (or recommended) intervals?