And it's Winter
16 January 2012

Winter has finally arrived. That makes it seem like I have been waiting for it to come. I think I was. Sometimes I miss having a proper, cold winter. When snow stays on the ground until April. I want to be able to dig snow forts in drifts with my kids. Lately I've been playing a lot with the kids. Building Thomas the Train track routes and bridges. I get disappointed when the track gets messed up, it can take a lot of time to maximize the use of the table top.

We are just back from a 2 week Christmas holiday. During the holiday, Julene and I left the kids with our parents and took a holiday-in-a-holiday 4 day trip to Arizona to have some time to ourselves. We took a Grand Canyon tour which was amazing, and also did a desert tour where we were able to drive our own tom car (an Israeli made off-road vehicle).

Now we're back and getting back into the swing of things. It took a while but we seem to be getting back into the swing of things.