April snow brings?
11 April 2011

We find ourselves in April with fresh snow on the ground. This past weekend, we received ~20cm of snow. This allowed Abby and I to go outside and make the snowman she had wanted to make all winter but for some reason we hadn't been able to up till now. I must say that it turned out pretty good. The neighbor girl helped out too, procuring gummies for eyes and goldfish snacks for buttons. We'll see how long he lasts against the sun.

In other news, we are hoping to start developing our basement shortly. I just picked up all the required permits this morning so that we can proceed legally and keep everything above board. Some say it's not worth it, but it will be when it comes time to sell.

We have enough friends and family that can help with each of the trades, at the least to provide guidance. We already owe most of them favors, so this will put us doubly in their debt. Hopefully, I have some skills that I can provide for repayment.

dank @ April 16, 2011 04:28
Cool! Take pictures of your basement progress. We've had bad weather here too - this evening it's been raining like crazy. Life just isn't fair... :P
sgr @ April 24, 2011 20:15
Should start taking some