08 September 2010

We're back to pseudo-normal. Our holidays in Manitoba were great and flew by. We participated in an obligatory auto-cross. My dad always tries to arrange one for when we come out. The legendary "24" gave up the ghost after several years of racing when most cars last a day.

Two days after returning to Calgary, Julene left for the long weekend for Toronto to spend time with a friend. I stayed home and single-parented. Unfortunately, due to weather, we spent most of the time cooped up inside going stir-crazy.

Now, we are back to what has been normal for the summer. Sharing a house while we wait for ours to be completed. We are told that we are getting a letter in the mail with a date for our final walk-through. We wait with baited breath. Once we receive that, we start finalizing the mortgage and house insurance as well as making arrangements with utility, cable and Internet providers.

I can't decide if the time has gone quickly or slowly. It can feel like either at times.