Going Offline
24 August 2010

We are leaving tonight for Manitoba to spend a week with my family. This means no Internet and no cell-phone service for the most part. Especially with my Telus work phone which only has coverage in Winnipeg. Another much needed break. This will be a short breather until when I come back and have to remotely oversee a software roll out for a major client.

Taking kids on the flight should be interesting as always. We're not so concerned about Abby who is very good at entertaining herself, but Joel is one, and one year-olds are hard to entertain in a confined space. Julene is picking up some new toys which will hopefully capture his attention. Snacks will also be packed and distributed as slowly as possible - one Cheerio at a time.

I'm going to try and drop by the house one more time on my way home, to capture any recent progress to show the folks. It is progressing rather quickly and will hopefully sustain this momentum. It will be exciting to see the difference when we get back.

See you in September.

J-othy @ August 24, 2010 12:32
Yes, a skype video chat would be great in September. Have fun in Manitoba.