Reimer Update
29 July 2010

Wow, things are crazy. At work, at home.

Our HouseGood news on our house! It's really coming along. Take a look at the pictures. We just had the pre-drywall walk through to make sure the doors, windows, outlets etc. were all correct before insulating and closing the walls. There was only one minor closet issue that the supervisor said was no big deal. He expected that drywall should be done next week. At that point, we get a soft date for our final walk through a week prior to possession. So that means that very soon we should know approximately when we'll be moving in! I am really looking forward to getting a garage again.

Work is insanely busy. I'll leave it at that. I'm doing my best to keep my lips above the water.

Julene and the kids are back and forth to Bow Island a lot to give our gracious hosts some breaks. Joel is proving to be a handful just like his sister was at this age. How do you teach contentment to a 1 year old boy? Ideas?