19 March 2010

I'm finally getting somewhere on my Android app. It helps that I'm getting my head wrapped around the platform. The main problem I was having as of late, was that my custom list adapter was messing with the onListItemClick listener. So I opted to go back to the simple list provided by Android and it's working much better.

Here's a small overview of my app in case you don't know what I'm talking about. One of my roles at work is keeping tabs on several servers. I get automatic notifications via email if there are issues, but I wanted to be able to initiate a check. So far it simply makes sure the domain is reachable and then gets the HTTP response code of a specific URL.

Future planned features are

  • Monitor multiple services (FTP, SSH, etc)
  • Load server list from a remote source (CSV) or build locally
  • Monitor via consuming web services to allow 3rd party custom monitoring tools

Development isn't very rapid as we're in the middle of getting a house built and selling our home. Plus having 2 kids slows things down as well. But the project seems to be keeping my interest. I recently read that the first Android car is rolling off the assembly line. How cool would that be to work on? The possibilities that would arise from hooking into the car's control modules are endless.