Update on Things
02 December 2009

Wow. Time is flying. It's December and there's snow on the ground. Julene and I are trying to come up with gift ideas for our kids. Preferrably gifts that take up little of the precious room that there is in our house. We have realized lately that there is no room left in our house. Something is going to have to give soon. In the new year, we hope to investigate buying or building. Building means a pile of decisions like location, wall color, flooring etc. Buying an existing house means finding something that meets our list of must-haves. Either way it's going to be interesting.

In other news, Joel is cutting teeth. This means some grumpy days and sleepless nights. He has 2 out so far and working on more. Abby is still growing up and continually surprising us with her vocabulary and ability to form sentences. She's even learning how to reason and manipulate.

Work is still incredibly busy - having more work with less people. But it's good. I'm glad to be employed and I'm glad I'm not bored.

Merry Christmas to all!

sarah @ December 13, 2009 06:40
nice update - d'ya know what else would be nice? ...pictures! (: