Dan just reprimanded me for not having written a blog post after passing a couple significant milestones as of late.

First - we met the deadline mentioned in the last post with 2 hours to spare. The feedback was very positive with only 3 corrections needed out of 478 fields. These corrections have already been made. We are now ready for the real test.

Second - The Tempter sold. I am now casually looking for a new ride. I haven't quite settled on a particular style, year or make - I'm going to let the bike come to me. In the mean time I'm riding Julene's GS500 which is proving to be blast. Maybe I'll ride out the rest of the season on it.

Third and most importantly, Julene and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary. I must say that the past five years have been a great adventure that I would not trade for anything. We managed to get away from Abby and Joel for a couple hours and enjoyed a meal at La Viena - a hidden gem.

There you have it. You've been updated.