25 February 2009

The days are sneaking by us and here we are with but six weeks left until the arrival of our next child. This realization spurred the preparation of Abby's new room yesterday evening. The idea is to get Abby accustomed to if not, moved into her new room before the arrival of her new sibling. This way it isn't so traumatic having a strange baby stealing her crib and her room and her mom.

Abby's new room was formerly the office. The contents of the office have either been thrown out or moved downstairs. It was surprising to see how much had accumulated since we moved into the house. We gave a lot of clothes and some other unused items to thrift stores during The Great Purge. I think there will be another mini purge of items I can't find room for downstairs.

I feel better now that the bed is actually set up in the room. Now Julene can get started on moving things in. And I can assemble the Ikea dresser.