Intrepid Ibex
04 November 2008

I upgraded my laptop to Ubuntu 8.10. I have high hopes for this version as it has benchmarked well and with the improvements to CPU usage. My biggest problem with 8.04 was how often my fan turned on (it wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't so loud) and how my hard-drive would spin constantly. So far the fan has turned on as much or less than it does with XP and the hard-drive spin issue seem so to be resolved as well.

I have one beef so far: VPN support in the network manager is broken out-of-the-box. It took most of today to get it figured out. Settings wouldn't stick when editing my VPN connection, saving my password resulted in a random error and a needed refuse-EAP setting was unavailable. This was all eventually resolved with much searching and reading. It is frustrating to have something that worked so well in a previous version completely changed and broken in the next.

That said, I am happy to have a Linux installation on my laptop that's not so CPU intensive. As I write this entry, top shows CPU usage under 10% whereas in 8.04 it was usually up around 15%.

More thoughts on Intrepid Ibex to come later.

J-othy @ November 04, 2008 22:49
The fan and hdd spin issues of Hardy Heron sent me running. You may have tempted me with the news that they are resolved. It takes 10% of your CPU to write a simple blog posting? Sheesh.... well I suppose there is all that TEXT to process.
sgr @ November 05, 2008 06:03
It bounced between 2 and 10%. Usually lower.
J-othy @ January 21, 2009 05:04
I did end up trying Intrepid Ibex, but the hdd issue wasn't resolved so I dropped it. Update: a fix is found in the unreleased intrepid-proposed Finally... let's give this a real go.