Ubuntu 8.04
24 May 2008

After several years of using a variety of Linux flavour desktops, I have to say that Ubuntu 8.04 is by far the easiest Linux to use to date.

One thing though - the Java version it installed by default on my AMD64 machine was terrible. Java routinely used 100% of my CPU. After installing Java 6 from Sun via Synaptic (Add/Remove), things are much, much better.

Thought other Ubuntu users may find this information useful.

J-othy @ May 27, 2008 03:06
I recently installed Ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop also, and I would agree it is the easiest to use to date. However, I have since gone back to using Vista because of a number of issues: 1. When the battery drained, the laptop just died, instead of shutting down or hibernating automatically... even though it was set to shutdown when drained to 10% battery capacity. There wasn't even a warning. This is harsh, and risks file corruption and is bad for the hard drive. 2. The CPU fan was on a heck of a lot, noisy noisy... whether this was because the default Ubuntu install had a lot more background processes running, I'm not sure, but it wasn't acceptable. 3. The hard drive clicked multiple times a minute. From what I've read, the hard drive is parking the heads to protect it against shock-force (good for laptops) and to save power, at the trade off of having reduced performance. I looked for fixes and nothing seemed to work, and I wasn't comfortable leaving my machine turned on while it clicked away since it was effectively reducing the life of my hard drive. I'm back running Vista SP1 and I'm no longer concerned that my hard drive is at risk. Maybe Ubuntu isn't ready for laptops... I don't have a desktop anymore, but I would probably use Ubuntu 8.04 if I did.