23 April 2008

Wow it has been a long time since I have written anything here. Maybe because I've been so busy shoveling snow. Calgary has been living up to it's crazy weather reputation lately. We actually drove to Bow Island and back during the weekend. On the way back, the highways were probably 80% ice covered. Our vehicles in the ditch count between Brooks and Calgary was 14. 4 of which were semis.

When we got home, I found that my 2 LCD monitors had been delivered Friday after we had gone, and left on our steps in plain view of the entire neighborhood. Good job Canada Post. I'm surprised they didn't disappear.

I set them up Monday and they're awesome! Working from home is going to be fun now! No more fuzziness or wavy effects. Not to mention the desk real estate that opens up.

Now to see if I actually have any time to do any work this summer. I think we've over extended ourselves a bit with our evening activities.