06 February 2008

We are booked to go to England! This was kind of last minute. We had initially planned to buy tickets before Christmas, but due to certain circumstances we decided to wait. Then just recently, we were able to find babysitters for Abby so we could go. Thankfully, there were still tickets available that weren't super expensive, although, more than they had been in December.

Now we need to figure out where to go and what to do. We would like to venture to at least one other country while we're out. Other than that, all I've got is to visit some castles. I've always wanted to see a castle. And beer sampling! Julene would like to see a show of some sort in London.

Does anybody have any more ideas?

Tamer Salama @ February 06, 2008 12:36
Museums if in London. Quite numerous and you will sure find something you're interested in. Science Museum, Natural History, British, Victoria and Albert/National Gallery come to mind.
Brenton @ February 06, 2008 14:12
2 birds with 1 stone: Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub ... 'technically' in Nottingham near the castle ... ok, so it's not quite "another country", but it's a *really* cool little pub and good beer ... J&S know what I'm talking about ... it's a really cool 'lil place.
sarah @ February 10, 2008 14:13
OK - where is that castle? Cuz, I would totally go there with you!
Renee @ February 11, 2008 17:33
You guys should totally go to Mudame Tussaud's Wax Museum in London - it's awesome! AND, I DO NOT recommend seeing 'Cats'. My sister and I saw that in London years ago and it was not all that great . . . there are SO many plays to be seen there!!! We bought tickets from a booth in Leister (sp?) Square - got a good deal for a show that night. They had a fantastic variety of shows to choose from too (at least 30 choices, if my memory serves me correctly). How fun for you two!
sgr @ February 12, 2008 11:21
Thanks for all the suggestions. Keep em coming. We're also debating on which neighboring country to visit.
Brenton @ February 14, 2008 10:07
Ireland is wicked cool ... but that's cause it's the only other one I've been to ... I've heard Scotland (ie: Edinburgh) and Wales are cool ... Ireland is so green and country side is fantastic. Lots of good beers and castles there too ... plus if you watch the deals, can get cheap fairs into Dublin from East Midlands.
sarah @ February 17, 2008 06:57
I've found the castle we will go see when you come - looks really cool
sgr @ February 17, 2008 15:54
Ok. That does look awesome! That should be on the way South with you guys.
Renee @ February 21, 2008 21:47
I've been to Warwick Castle - it was lots of fun!