Variety is the Spice of Life
14 November 2007
I got the "!PHP Project" I was asking for. At least, I've been able to start. We are doing a bandwidth monitoring project for a client and we have an "out-of-the-box" open source solution that we use in house, but I was hoping to write my own that would take it to the next level. The demo I have for our sales guy and CTO will be of the open source solution, but I will be pushing that we develop our own.

I had enough time budgeted so I could start writing a C++ monitoring daemon. I need another couple weeks to get where I'd like to be. If the project stalls, or they go with the open source, I plan to finish it on my own - it would look good on my resume.

In other news, a friend of mine has been chosen for jury duty. As much as I know there is a need for juries made up of members of the public, I'm glad I haven't had to be involved in any trials (as of yet). It does peak my curiosity a bit though. I'll have to bug him about once he's done.

Abby is still a super happy baby. She gets into these hyper moods sometimes and can be quite hilarious. I'm quietly hoping that the hyperactivity slows and doesn't increase as she gets older. She can sit mostly on her own now, we just have to tip her back up occasionally. Her favorite thing to do seems to be to sit on the (or Mark and Esther's couch) and play with a toy while "talking" as loud as possible - drowning out or at least distracting from any nearby conversations.