25 September 2007
I’m getting slack with this blog again. Nobody is whipping into shape. I guess I’m not that famous on the Internet.

I am finally parting with one of our three cars. I sold the Toronado on Ebay last weekend. It went for a decent price - enough that I nearly came out even after three years of owning and driving it. Which is more than you can ask for from any car.

Other than that, life is getting into the busyness of the Fall/Winter season. It seems that my evenings are mostly taken up during the week. This tends to get frustrating. Maybe this year I will resolve to be less committed. Although that sounds like a negative idea, it would probably help keep me more sane and less stressed.

If anyone is looking for some dark British humor, check out The Extras by Ricky Gervais, also picked up by HBO.

Leerb @ October 25, 2007 03:53
Good site!