21 June 2007
Linux let me down yesterday.

I came into work thinking, today would be a good day to do the package updating that I have been prompted to do for a while. So I let the update wizard do it’s thing and at the end rebooted as needed.

While Fedora (6) was booting I noticed that eth0 failed to get an IP. No worries, we have dhcp hiccups at work alot. Finishing booting. Tried to get an IP manually - no go. Called over the IT guy. His laptop worked fine. My onboard Broadcom gig NIC isn’t even lighting up.

Figuring that the driver broker during the update I threw in PCI NIC. Still nothing. No internet connection means no online searching for solutions. So I thought, why don’t I try upgrading to Fedora 7. Having never done a smooth upgrade from one Fedora version to the next before I had my doubts. 1 hour later... my doubts are confirmed.

Next I tried a clean install of Fedora 7. 1 hour later - still no network.

Finally admitting defeat, I dug up the Fedora Core 6 install DVD and went back to un-updated Fedora Core 6 and now everything is working. Except Eclipse - the most important utility at work.

What have we learned kids?
Be wary of automatic updates. Proceed with extreme caution and have a contingency plan.

After all of that, I still prefer Linux to Windows.

sgr @ July 04, 2007 14:24
I've got it all working now.