20 August 1970
I seem to be neglecting my blog lately. Could it be due to my huge work load? You decide. I can't.
Work may continue shortly on the CB350. I just received allan head bolts for the side covers so I can wreck the philips head bolts that are in there now and take off the engine covers to replace the cam chain. Everytime I try to take a step forward on this engine it seems I have to take a pile more stuff apart. I just want to get it done before I completely forget how to put it back together.
Oh, and I bought a laptop. Julene and I figured that with the amount of weekends we are spending at her parents' place helping out and the need right now for me to put some hours in on the weekend, it would be beneficial to have a laptop. I didn't put up much of a fight at that suggestion.
Model: HP Pavillion DV1315CL
Pentium M 1.73 Ghz
1 Gig Ram
80 Gig Hdd
Dual Layer DVD +/- burner
14" widescreen
Until next time.