20 August 1970
Last week zefrank had an episode that touched on materialism and it's relation to happiness. He suggested that since our brains "synthesize happiness," it is our indecisiveness that causes the most unhappiness - not our poor decisions, bad life experiences or situations. He says that we would be the most happy if we just made a decision and stuck to it.
Later I read a chapter in The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancy in which he was going over the beatitudes in Matthew 5. He talked about what Jesus meant by being blessed when in hard times. Yancy pointed out that when you are not successful by world standards or in poor spirits because of some trial, you look forward to God's gift of eternal life because it's something better than what you currently have. When you are successful, you are afraid of death (or eternal life) because you are comfortable on earth and afraid of the unknown.
It was interesting to hear a parallel view from someone who is basically anti-religious and from someone else who is decidedly Christian. Both are saying that to have less is really to have more.
Just some food for thought.
grixepipleree @ March 23, 2008 02:08